• Helen Avery

We Need More Carbon Offsets

Carbon markets, particularly offsets, are shaking off their past and becoming a vital instrument for reaching CO2 reduction goals, protecting and conserving biodiversity at scale, as well as meeting many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. They need to succeed.

First you measure the diameter and height of the tree and, depending on the species and wood density, then apply an equation to convert the field measurements into a biomass figure. You can then begin to quantify how much carbon it has sequestered, is storing and how much it will sequester in the future.”

Alessandro Baccini, research professor at Boston University and senior scientist at Woods Hole Research Centre, is perhaps the world’s leading expert on measuring forest carbon. Between 2008 and 2012, Baccini and his team visited 17 countries, going into the field to collect measurements that would allow them to calculate biomass density. Combining the measurements with satellite observations, he and his team were able to generate maps of biomass.

...Read more here at Euromoney including interviews with the California Air Resources Board, Verra, South Pole, the Yurok Tribe (in photos), the EU ETS among others.

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