• Helen Avery

Marine PPPs - a win win?

Managed marine protected areas are an effective tool in coastal ocean conservation. They are also ripe to be included in investment structures. The upsides for everyone may help push the protected area of the world’s seas from 2% to 30% by 2030.

In February 2018, the Dominican Republic became the first Caribbean country to create a public private partnership (PPP) to sustainably manage almost 5,000 square miles of marine habitat. The whole project is designed to be replicable – and investable.  The co-management agreement (the preferred name of those involved in the PPP) was requested by the country’s minister of environment and initiated by Blue Finance, a UN-backed NGO that is targeting improved management of marine protected areas (MPAs) through investable initiatives.  “Quite simply, MPAs are one of the best tools we have right now for improving the health of the marine ecosystems,” says Nicolas Pascal, founder and director of Blue Finance. “We can’t depend only on governments and grants to pay for marine conservation. We need a new source of financing that will allow for proper management – sustainable financing – and that is our role, to find investment opportunities that will contribute to better marine reserve management.”

Continue reading here on Euromoney: https://www.euromoney.com/article/b18hg7vjwmy9hn/blue-finance-why-marine-ppps-could-be-a-win-win-win?copyrightInfo=true

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