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Banks Fight Illegal Wildlife Trafficking

Banks help stop major illegal wildlife trafficking ring.

In 2018 the Duke of Cambridge convened the United for Wildlife Financial Taskforce, which brings together financial services, NGOs and other ex- perts to identify specific actions that the financial sector can take to contribute to the fight against the illegal wildlife trade.

Thirty-seven financial institutions have signed a declaration as part of UWFT that lays out six commitments, including the undertaking to raise awareness and share intelligence.

The taskforce is chaired by William Hague, former UK foreign secretary, and supported by a secretariat based at the Royal Foundation. “The private sector, including financial institutions, have a key role to play in combatting illegal wildlife trade,” says Naomi Doak, head of conservation programmes at the Royal Foundation. “The future of our natural world and all the species that live on the planet will only be secured if people, companies, governments all work together to prevent poaching and use the tools they have to help protect these species." ...

Continue reading here at Euromoney including interviews.

Also check out: Thank a Ranger, here on UfW's website.

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