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Hi. I'm a journalist and have been covering sustainable finance for several years with Euromoney where I am the sustainable finance editor. 

While the UN's sustainable development goals have helped the financial industry organize around a set of solutions for our planet, I have found conservation finance/natural resource investment (SDGs 14 and 15) is still limited to chiefly small and disconnected projects, and nature remains un- or under-valued. 

I set up this site in 2019 because I feel strongly about conservation, and in my own research have struggled to find a central place for conservation finance news or information about natural capital as it pertains to finance. That is slowly changing, and my aim here is simply to highlight my own articles, and any information and resources on investable initiatives and pricing of natural capital that I come across. 

Depending on which reports you read, an estimated $4 to $10 billion is spent on conservation a year  - that figure needs to be at least $100 billion, and needs to be so urgently.  I hope these resources are helpful to you, and invite you to share information/news with me.

You can reach me at havery@euromoneyny.com or through this site.